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Icarus International Inc. was founded in 2016. Our leadership is comprised of individuals working with the fields of Politics, Development, and Foreign Relations. Our team is well versed in multiple areas and is dedicated to creating lasting change in Liberia and West Africa.

MAJOR E. CLEMENS III, Managing Director

Major E. Clemens, III is a visionary businessman and attorney who, brings a unique and innovative perspective on business development, company branding and agribusiness management in West Africa. Major founded Icarus International to provide legal and business consulting services in his native home of Liberia. Major has been instrumental in positioning Icarus International to support businesses in Liberia, as well as American businesses with a strategic focus on West Africa. In addition to consulting services, Icarus International manages over 5000 acres of rural and commercial property within Liberia.

Major’s career began in Washington DC, in the Office of Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota. He later moved on to the Office of Congresswoman Maxine Waters of California. After his tenure on Capitol Hill, Major focused on West African trade and business development. Along with Major’s work in Liberia, he has engaged in various philanthropic endeavors. Major has provided educational resources, sports equipment, and scholarships to Liberian schools and students. In 2010, Major was awarded the ENVEST foundation “Top 40 under 40” award for his work in Liberia. Major is a proud graduate of the University of Maryland-College Park and North Carolina Central University School of Law.

GABRIEL ITOKA III, Project Director

At Icarus International, Gabriel provides business and economic analysis, logistical analysis, risk assessments and cultural competency services to clients in Liberia. For example, he has assisted in the facilitation of local agricultural projects within Monrovia. Gabriel served as a mediator between local farmers and international NGOs looking to engage the Liberian community. Additionally, he designed and organized the Recycle Liberia Project. Gabriel is a highly motivated leader, businessman and a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer ('13-'15) that served in Morocco. While in Morocco, Gabriel mentored youth in capacity building initiatives including educational camps, chess clubs and content based English classes. Throughout his Peace Corps service, Gabriel assisted and supported a community leader in organizing and launching his own catering company; Leave Your Mark. He helped place youth in employment opportunities within the catering company and worked with over 800 youth during his service. Gabriel helped train 12 new Peace Corps Volunteers upon their arrival in Morocco. Gabriel has extensive cross-cultural training with full professional proficiency in Moroccan Arabic, English, and French. Gabriel is a recent MBA graduate from Hult International Business School in Cambridge, Ma.

When he was a MBA Candidate at Hult International, Gabriel served as a consultant on multiple business challenges for companies such as Siemens, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Pfizer, French American Chamber of Commerce, and Education First. During his work with Siemens, Gabriel was part of a team that crafted the “Future of Energy” and where Siemens can strategically position itself as the leader of the energy industry. Their solution was comprised of a series of steps that ultimately empowers and brings together, consumers, prosumers, businesses, and utility companies into this new future of shared economy through smart energy public trading. While consulting

for UNDP Egypt, Gabriel performed thorough research, analysis and devised a plan that created an Impact Investment Fund for Social Entrepreneurs in Egypt. The Egyptian government was looking to address the gap that was created from short term and financially unsustainable projects. Social Entrepreneurship is on the rise in Egypt but there is no “ecosystem” for those individuals to thrive and make an impact.   Gabriel currently resides in Monrovia, Liberia and focuses on the development and expansion of George Farm located in Weala, Liberia.

CAMILLE E. JACKSON, Director, External Affairs and Business Development

Prior to joining Icarus, Camille was a highly accomplished foreign policy professional serving nearly a decade at the U.S. Department of State Bureau of African Affairs. During her tenure, Camille served in advisory roles for the political and programmatic implementation of the U.S. National Security Strategy and the U.S. Strategy Toward Sub-Saharan Africa. She led or facilitated multi-stakeholder decision-making processes involving strategic policy planning; political risk analysis; diplomatic engagement/negotiations, as well as multi-million dollar program development and execution (e.g. President’s Malaria Initiative; Partnership for Growth). Camille worked to advance inter-agency, bilateral and multilateral strategic alliances for issues such as Economic Growth; Development Finance; Global Health; Governance; Women’s Empowerment; and Peace and Security.

At the State Department, she was accountable to National Security Council staff, Ambassadors, Ministers and C-Suite VIPs. She contributed to and led teams to host African Heads of State and other dignitaries to visit the President of the United States, Secretary of State, and the Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs. Camille was awarded Meritorious Honor Award for sustained superior performance in advancing U.S. foreign policy interests among other awards and notable achievements. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree from American University, as well as Master of Science and Juris Doctor from Syracuse University. She passed the New Jersey Bar. Camille currently serves as an American Red Cross Disaster Volunteer and actively participates in community service activities in the Washington, D.C. area.

Pictured above: Camille Jackson (Left) Honorable Axel Addy (MIddle) Major Clemens (Right) at the AGOA Forum
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